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Who We Are 

The Human Entrepreneur was founded because we noticed an unfair distribution of opportunities for young and early stage entrepreneurs. Realising this, we started a podcast that aimed to democratise valuable content on essential topics for young entrepreneurs such as: stories,  technology, sales, marketing, raising including funding. and advise on mental and physical wellbeing.

Our viewers started enquiring about an online community for young and early stage entrepreneurs  that could serve as a platform to meet, connect, network and learn from like-minded individuals, with the goal of developing their businesses. 

We are currently developing an AI based entrepreneurship platform to provide tailor-made, quality and affordable mentorship, masterclasses and content specific to the entrepreneur's journey.

Our Vision

Accelerating innovation and impact through mindful entrepreneurship

Our Mission

Enabling global access to entrepreneurial skills through education, community and mentoring







Our Services

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Our podcast aims to highlight student entrepreneur journeys and industry leaders to serve as a source of motivation and learning for young entrepreneurs. 


Our community of like-minded, passionate change-makers aims to support, teach and nurture young entrepreneurs (U30) to achieve their entrepreneurial vision


We aim to launch an affordable and high-quality mentoring platforms soon with 1-1 sessions with successful entrepreneurs, industry-leaders and live group masterclasses.

We are so excited to introduce the SELF-LOVE EDITION of our publication that is carefully curated to accelerate the entrepreneurial visions of all young entrepreneurs!

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