The modern-day inclusive business

By Hari Middleton

Recent events that have been largely publicised through the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement have shown just how much change needs to occur before we reach a fair and equitable society. Intolerance, institutional racism and discrimination are issues that extend to all reaches of society, which can often be viewed within the workplace, translating to a severe lack of inclusive business practices.

An inclusive business is one in which every employee feels both valued and heard, yet often as companies grow in size, bureaucracy similarly increases — making it much more challenging to ensure an inclusive environment.

However, by making some adjustments all businesses can create an open and diverse company culture. So, without further ado, here are a few examples of businesses that truly go the extra mile to promote a culture of inclusivity.

1. Johnson and Johnson Johnson and Johnson is a leading medical device company that attributed much of its success to the inclusive culture observed throughout its various business functions. To create such a culture, they have implemented a variety of measures. One such step was to appoint a Chief Diversity office to ensure that every employee feels a sense of belonging. While it is true that many modern-day businesses have made similar appointments, Johnson and Johnson take it a step further. They do this by actively incorporating both diversity and inclusion into their overall strategy, ensuring success in creating their inclusive culture in which diversity is celebrated and individuals’ unique perspectives are utilised. As a result, inclusion is intertwined with the company’s overall success, which is an approach that many companies would benefit from adopting.

2. Accenture Accenture is a global professional services company, and in many aspects operate a very similar approach to that of Johnson and Johnson. Their diversity training ensures that every worker undergoes a rigorous 3-stage training to ensure that the culture of openness and diversity is a driving theme amongst all workers. Yet what truly makes Accenture stand out in terms of its inclusive approach is its transparency. Publishing their diversity metrics and progress on modern issues such as the gender pay gap truly holds the business accountable for their actions, whilst ensuring employees are listened to. Such an approach has earned Accenture many plaudits and has contributed to its recent growth, showing that financial success and diversity & inclusion go hand in hand.

How this relates to you as young entrepreneurs: A variety of lessons can be drawn from each one of these businesses, yet to myself, the most important being how every business can benefit from being both inclusive and actively encouraging diversity in the workplace.

In my opinion, the best thing about being a young person and the extent of technology is just how easy it is to meet different people from all around the world, each with a unique perspective, background and ideas. So, take advantage of this and use it to your own benefit! Just like how Accenture and Johnson benefit from a diverse workforce, you too can learn from such exploration and by implementing such values within your business. Hopefully, this blog has provided you with examples of how established companies are ensuring a fully inclusive culture, as well as inspiring you to ensure that your start-ups encompass these core pillars of modern-day business.

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