The Personal Problem

1. The pressure to "find a job"and "fit in" during university result in students giving up on their entrepreneurial dreams early on due to a fear of failure and uncertainty

The Economic Problem

1. Covid-19 has disrupted the job markets and unemployment has increased by 4.5%. This, along with a WFH culture is creating greater opportunities for self-employment and entrepreneurship (full-time or part-time).

Our Solution & Promise

We provide services that allow individuals to realise their capabilities, understand the world's pressing issues and help them gain knowledge about enterprise and business. 

We promise to enable you to achieve your entrepreneurial potential and help solve these problems. 

We promise to empower the creation and development of enterprises that are innovative, ethical, sustainable, and that embody essential entrepreneurial skills.

2. With limited support, no community and a lack of confidence, many young entrepreneurs abandon their dreams. 

3. Many young entrepreneurs regret their decision to quit on their dreams and do a job they are not satisfied with. This causes them to feel confused and trapped. 

2. There is a need for innovation within economies to support economic recovery and solve many social and environmental issues globally. Smaller enterprises provide innovation and are more agile and flexible than larger companies. 

3. Industries are disrupting and the need for innovation is rising. Irrespective of whether an individual chose to be self-employed or an employee, they are going to need the essential entrepreneurial skills.