Meet The Team

Varun Balsara

Varun is an innovator, entrepreneur, podcaster and creator. We call him the idea machine- cause he’s always coming up ideas (some better than others:P). Previous to co-founding THE he was the Founder of ConnectUs (social connectivity platform helping students at Warwick University students connect over interests and values). He is a strong believer in iterative innovation and is driven to empower the future generation to be future ready by democratising access to entrepreneurial skills.

 Favourite genres: 

entrepreneurship, self-help

 Favourite colour: azure 

 Favourite pass-times: guitar, squash

Samara Kumar

Samara is a Media and Communications student at Goldsmiths, University of London.  She is passionate about doing her part for a better and fairer future. When she isn't working to help empower entrepreneurs, you can find her painting, in a theatre in London, spending time with her pets or engaged in a controversial and intense discussing with her friends or family


 Favourite genres: fiction, biographies

 Favourite colour: lavender 

 Favourite pass-times: puzzles, painting, true crime podcasts!

Luke Netherclift

Luke started his entrepreneurial journey when he 12 by setting up a cake business and going door to door selling cakes. Luke’s passion for entrepreneurship was re-ignited when he co-founded The People’s Backpack, a social enterprise set up to support refugees. It was during his time of running it that he understood how important mentors, skills development and an entrepreneurial mindset can have in your professional and personal life. That is where the idea and passion for The Human Entrepreneur came from and Luke is passionate about helping Gen Z the generation to tackle key issues in society. Luke studies sustainability and Business at Warwick University where he also works as a Warwick Innovation Fellow. 

 Favourite genre: spy

 Favourite colour: navy blue 

 Favourite pass-times: surfing, cricket, piano, eating cake!

Head of Content
Rachel Asaker

Rachel is a Law and Business student at the University of Warwick. She considers herself an amateur musician and is passionate about innovative and sustainable student-led projects that are creating change.

 Favourite genre: sci-fi

 Favourite colour: light blue 

 Favourite pass-times: singing and making music 

Head of Community
Arianne Winter

Arianne is a dedicated, well rounded individual and team player with a personal passion in sustainability. Currently kickstarting her entrepreneurial journey, she is hopeful towards the launch of the biggest entrepreneurial youth community! 


Favourite genres: self help (she recommends “The Happiness Project”), Romance, Mythology 

Favourite colours: Lilac and Sky Blue 

Favourite pass-times: football, basketball, singing and guitar

Marketing Executive
Camille de Castelli

Camille is a Management with Finance student at the University of Warwick. She is passionate about performing arts: singing, dancing, playing an instrument, theatre… literally everything. She believes that entrepreneurship allows to grow and become a better person and find out who we are.

 Favourite genre: sci-fi, action, suspense

 Favourite colour: yellow and pink

 Favourite pass-times: singing, writing songs, playing the piano and the guitar.

Community Manager
Sophie Bouzigues

Currently at home in Lyon, France, Sophie is interning at the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico during the night and managing The Human Entrepreneur's Youth Entrepreneur Movement during the day! She thrives on a challenge and is very excited to be part of such an inspiring community!


Favourite genres: some days it's rom-com, others it's mystery

Favourite colours: burgundy

Favourite pass-times: playing the piano, taking fitness classes, travelling, baking (this is a new one initiated by lockdown number 2!)

Content Creators
Anouk Geene

Anouk is a Law student at the University of Warwick. She was born to Dutch parents in Amsterdam and grew up in the French speaking part of Switzerland where she (unsurprisingly) developed an obsession with chocolate, a love for the outdoors and a passion for sports. She loves cooking and is constantly trying to find the time work on her  photography skills! 

 Favourite genres:  Nonfiction, unless it’s a Nicolas Sparks novel! 

 Favourite colour: Light blue

 Favourite pass-times: Any sport activities!

Hari Middleton

Hari is a final year management student at the University of Warwick. Aside from his passion for business and entrepreneurship, he loves to travel and play a variety of sports. He hopes to use his position as a blog writer to share stories that motivate him to inspire more students to succeed in becoming entrepreneurs.  

 Favourite genres: sports and business biographies 

 Favourite colour: Orange 

 Favourite pass-times: Watching sports and going to the gym 

Podcast Editors
Mario Berriozabal

Mario Ivan Berriozabal is a student in Mexico City pursuing a bachelor's degree in accounting and law at the Banking and Commerce School and the National Autonomous University of Mexico respectively.

As an entrepreneur he is the founder and CEO of ASAP Inmobiliaria, a Real Estate company that operates in Mexico City. 

Since 2006 he felt in love with podcasts but only untill 2019 he learned audio editing and started applying those skills at the Human Entrepreneur and El Desarticulista.

 Favourite genres: biographies

 Favourite colour: navy blue

 Favourite pass-times: watching sports and video games